Chairman’s Voice

“Healthcare services should be for the benefit of our community”

-Chunna Prasad Sharma

Greetings From Butwal Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Butwal Hospital Pvt. Ltd was established in 1999 AD as private organization with objectives to provide quality Health Service with affordability, accessibility and Advanced Medicine personalized care to all Nepalese citizens.

It is a multi-specialty hospital that offers preventive and curative healthcare services with 50 beds.  It began as an idea of a patient-oriented, socially responsible center, making superior quality healthcare services convenient and accessible for the community serves.

It is offering a wide range of medical, surgical and diagnostic services. With latest in technology and a network of qualified physicians and staff, Butwal Hospital Pvt. Ltd. is your destination for the best healthcare services the Butwal city has to offer.

Message from Managing Director

“Health care is pure service, it should not be business”

-Mukti Raj Paudel